Letters of a Call Girl

I created this blog to keep track of my life as I tip toe my way into working as a call girl. These will be letters to myself, for myself, though probably at your amusement. I have a feeling this will be interesting. Enjoy. xxoo Honey

Monday, May 01, 2006

fuck me, feed me

One of my lover's flys out to see me for the week. He's got dark smooth skin and a carribean accent. I like seeing his smile flash in the dark, and waking up to him nibbling on my earlobe. The days are lazy, spent in the hot tropical sun, then the shower rinsing away salt water and sand, then the cool dimness of my bedroom.

He feeds me, then fucks me, then starts all over again. I am as content in my body as a cat, all stretched out and purring. Any man who can cook like that is worth pleasing. Tender pieces of chicken sauted in olive oil, brown sugar and paprika. Pasta saturated in creamy, garlic sauce. Silver knife flashing over bell peppers, red, green and sunnshine yellow.


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